Peggy Corcillo Joins the Judging Panel SW – Aspen


@AspenSW Peggy Corcillo  Join me in welcoming Peggy back to her role.

Creative, often contrarian thinking has been Peggy’s hallmark since the earliest days of her career, when she became one of the first woman analysts to follow the oil and gas industry. Over a 25 year span she has gone on to follow a variety of industries and has been responsible for investing over $500M for large institutions, high net worth individuals, mutual funds and asset managers.

Her approach is always the same: immersing herself in an industry, she synthesizes large amounts of data and information, and uses out-of-the-box thinking to come up with unique and profitable investment ideas and conclusions.

The same total immersion process has served her equally well in her work with local startups. She is currently acting as part-time CFO to two local startup companies: Digital Directions International, an education technology company focused on improving math skills for English Language Learners, and Gina Cucina, a seed stage specialty food company.

Peggy’s investment approach is based on healthy dialogue, mutual respect and collaboration between investors and management. She is known for her in-depth knowledge, strong instincts and ability to maintain a broad, insightful perspective, without losing focus on the details.

Peggy lives in Carbondale with her husband Dave Pietsch, an educator, and three sons. In addition to her CFO responsibilities, she is an active investor on her own behalf and consults regularly with analysts and asset managers on opportunities in industries that lie within her areas of expertise.

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