Perfect Pitch


Bow do you make a perfect pitch presentation at a Startup Weekend? Well, it’s the same for any other pitching opportunity. Pitching is a highly competitive environment at Startup Weekends. But, so is any pitch. There are lots of companies out there vying for the love and attention of venture capitalists. You want to engage the crowd at Startup Weekend Aspen.

You have exactly 60 seconds to pitch your idea to the crowd. This should be a concise elevator pitch to engage with the audience and motivate people to work on your concept. If you practice these simple steps you’ll increase your chance to win a leadership spot.

Here’s the outline for your Startup Pitch:

  • Introduction: 10 seconds

Introduce yourself & your background
Give your Idea a name

  • Problem: 15-20 seconds

Who is the audience you are targeting, and what specific concerns do they have.

Describe the problem you want to solve.

  • Vision: 20 seconds

Describe your vision – What are the benefits for your customers? What makes your solution different from others out there?

  • Requirements: 10 seconds

What will the solution require to get started: What people are you looking for? Any skills for your team.  What technology do you want to use? Developers, Designers, Business Developer, CEO, Marketing help.

Name your startup so people can vote for you!

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